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Kids & Teens

Youth Accounts

It's important to teach children how to save.

Even at a young age, a child can learn the value of money by keeping loose change in a piggy bank. When old enough, have them deposit a portion of the money they receive from birthdays, holidays, or even their allowance, into their own Credit Union account. You can open an account for a child at any time in person or through the mail.

Any member of your family may also open their own LM Federal membership, including your children and grandchildren. Children have the same privileges as regular members; all LM Federal deposit and loan services (borrowers must be 18 years old) are available. Once the child becomes an adult they can keep their account with LM Federal and continue to use our services.

Our friendly staff is here to guide them through everything from their first checking account, to their first car loan and everything that will follow. At LM Federal Credit Union we strive to be your primary financial institution by offering a wide range of financial services to fit everyone's needs. Remember once your child or grandchild is a member they are always a member making it possible for future generations to enjoy the same great benefits you do. Join the other satisfied families who have generations of happy credit union members! Deposits may be made by payroll deduction or direct deposit as usual from any employer or organization. New memberships may be opened in person or through the mail.

Uniform Transfers to Minors Accounts (UTMA)

An UTMA account is great way to start building a solid financial foundation. UTMA accounts are specialized accounts that allow you to make irrevocable transfers to a minor. Savings, Money Market & Certificate accounts. The account is the property of the minor with a custodian having sole authority to transact on the account until the minor reaches age 21. UTMA funds should be used solely for the benefit of the minor. All dividends paid are reported under the minor's social security number. UTMA accounts are ideal when used with proper tax and estate planning. The minor may choose to keep the account once they become an adult and continue to have access to all the benefits of credit union membership. Whether you are saving for education expenses or their first home LM Federal Credit Union offers the tools they need to have a successful financial future.

Youth Resources

Fun and educational activities with coloring pages, puzzles, and more!

Are you preparing for your children's financial future?

Unfortunately our schools don't always teach our kids financial basics. Financial education is important, and it’s never too early to start. At LMFCU, we make learning fun with activities to help your kids learn the value of money and the importance of growing their savings. Help them develop habits now for a lifetime of financial wellness.
See below for fun and educational materials.

For Kids:

Grades K – 2
Chores Chart, Spending Plans and Spending and Saving Quiz
Savings Goal Sheet
Activity Booklet
Fun Mazes

Grades 3 - 5
Savings Tracker
Spending Diary, Spending Plans & Savings Alternatives
Activity Booklet
Top Secret Message Puzzle

Grades 6 - 8
Divide Your Money Chart
What would you choose?
   Practice Comparative Shopping
   Comparing Shopping Choices
   Setting and Prioritizing Your Financial Goals
Activity Booklet

Grades 9 - 12
My Life, My Decision: Researching College Options
Dot 2 Dot Puzzle

For Parents:
Money As You Grow - 20 Things kids need to know to live financially smart lives.
11 Ways to Teach Kids How to Save Money - Ideas to teach your children to save money at any age.
Things Your Preschooler Should Know About Money
Educating Your Grade Schooler About Money

Money As You Grow Financial Website (U.S. Government site)