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Wire Transfers

Wire-in Deposits

Wire-In Instructions

You may initiate domestic wires into a Credit Union checking or share account.  When sending a wire to LM Federal, please completely follow these instructions:

Wire to:
M & T Bank, Baltimore, MD
Routing#: 052000113

International Wires Only:
CHIPS Number:  0555

Credit to:
LM Federal Credit Union, Account#: 16694772

Further Credit to:
Your Name
Your LM Federal account number/suffix (ex. 99999-A)
Account type; (ex. savings or checking)

Funds wired in are posted to your account within 90 minutes of receipt. A receipt will be mailed to your home address to confirm the wire has been posted. You may also view your account activity at no charge using Online Banking.

Fees may apply for wire deposits. See our fee schedule for more information.

Wire-out Withdrawals

Outgoing Wire Transfer Instructions

The Credit Union can provide outgoing wire transfers for U.S. and international funds transfers.

Wire transfers are a safe and fast method to send funds to a 3rd party or to your account at another institution. Wires can't be reversed once submitted. You may initiate a wire transfer request in-person or by fax (fax requests are verified by telephone). If you can't submit your wire request in person, you must submit a written request by fax if the transfer exceeds $500.00.

Domestic wire transfer requests will be completed the same day if submitted by 2:00 p.m. EST.

International wire transfer requests will be completed the same day if submitted by 11:30 a.m. EST. The wire transfer fee varies based on your membership rewards level.

If this is your first Outgoing Wire Transfer, please complete a Wire Transfer Agreement (complete only one time unless you are making changes) and mail the completed form to LMFCU, 101 Chesapeake Park Plaza, Baltimore, MD 21220. Proceed by completing a Member Authorization for Wire Transfer form as directed below.

If this is not your first Outgoing Wire Transfer and you have completed a Wire Transfer Agreement, you may continue to initiate a wire. To initiate an outgoing wire transfer you may stop by the Credit Union or complete a Member Authorization for Wire Transfer form and fax to (410) 687-1322 along with a clear or picture quality copy of your government issued ID such as a driver's license. To avoid additional fees and delay due to returned wire transfers you should contact the receiving financial institution to obtain its wiring/routing instructions prior to contacting LMFCU. For your security we may initiate a call back to validate identification to a telephone number which must be in LMFCU's database at least 30 days prior to request.