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Online & Mobile Banking

Online Banking

Enrolling is easy! Click the button below and follow the enrollment instructions. Your access is immediately activated! Any member may use Online Banking (no checking account required!) 

Enroll in Online Banking

Online Banking - Features

  • Must create a Logon ID and security code
  • Setup a security phrase (to ensure you reached our website on future logins)
  • Streamlined challenge questions (only 3 to setup)
  • Transfer funds between different account numbers - call for more information on cross-account transfers.
  • Easy self-service option to reset your login ID and security code
  • Account alerts available through email and text
  • eStatements are available (sign up through the “Self Service” tab)
  • Mobile banking available (thru an app or the mobile website).
  • Text banking also available for phones with no internet access.
  • Account transfers are posted IMMEDIATELY!
  • Account balances are always up-to-the-minute!
  • Download to Quicken or CSV format.
  • Pending check card transactions are listed in account history
  • Internet Bill Payment is free, click for details.
  • “Self Service” includes check stop payment, check reorder, statement reprint and check copy request forms

Additional Online Banking Features

  • Setup Mobile Banking enrollment: Select the “Self-Service” tab and click on the mobile link. From there you will have instructions to go to the GooglePlay or iTunes store and search for “Touch Banking”. You will be prompted to enter a mobile code: lmfcumobile. Next you must enter your logon ID and security code.
  • Setup scheduled transfers: Transfers post between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. EST on weekdays only. To view your current recurring transfers within Online Banking, go to the "Account Information" section, review your "Recurring Funds Transfers" and "Recurring Loan Payments". You must set these up in Online Banking. Transfers that are scheduled for a weekend or federal holiday will be processed on the business day prior to the transfer date. To setup a scheduled transfer go to "Account Access", then "Transfer Funds", and use the "Scheduled" transfer setup box.
  • Send MoneyMover request by secure e-mail
    To request a MoneyMover transfer:
    • Go to the "Self Service" tab and select the "Compose New Mail" within the "Secure Mail" section.
    • In the subject line enter "MoneyMover request."
    • In the message section please list the dollar amount of the transfer, the name of the bank receiving the funds, and your day time phone number.
    • MoneyMover requests received by 2 p.m. EST will be processed the same day.
    • Requests received after 2:00 p.m. EST are processed on the following business day.
  • Request check withdrawal by clicking “Account Access”, “Transfer Funds”, the “From” account is the withdrawal account, the “To” account select “mail a paper CHECK”.
    • Note: to withdrawal funds by check from more than one account, transfer funds as needed to your Share (Savings) Account and then perform the check withdrawal.
  • Cross account transfers: Set up to transfer between different account numbers by signing a Cross Account Transfer form for accounts with the same owners or sign the form for accounts with different owners.

Questions? Call Member Services 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday at (410) 687-5240 or (800) 410-0501.

Mobile Banking

To use Mobile Banking, you must first enroll in Online Banking.

  • Instant Balance feature which allows you to view your account balance without logging into Mobile Banking. (You must “opt-in” to activate this service.)
  • View account history
  • View pending purchases
  • View balances
  • Immediate posting of transfers and loan payments
    To set up transfers between different account numbers, sign and submit a Cross Account Transfer form for accounts with the same owners or sign and submit the form for accounts with different owners.
  • Deposit checks to your personal accounts with Mobile Deposit
  • Ability to have multiple logins from different accounts
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android. 

Instructions to download and activate Mobile Banking: 

  • Go to your app store and search for the "TouchBanking" app. 
  • Download and install the app.
  • Activate the app with the code "lmfcumobile".
  • Your existing Online Banking Logon ID and security code are used to access Mobile Banking.
  • If your phone supports fingerprint and face recognition access, you may use these instead of your regular logon credentials. 

Mobile Deposit

Our Mobile Deposit service allows you to deposit checks directly into your LMFCU personal checking, savings or money market account using your Android phone or iPhone.

You must have enrolled for Online Banking and downloaded and activated the Touch Banking app (mobile banking) to use Mobile Deposit. Once you log into Touch Banking, select the “Deposit” option.

IMPORTANT: The back of your check must contain the following text: “REMOTE DEPOSIT ONLY AT LMFCU”.
Your deposit will be rejected if this text is not present.

There are limits and restrictions on the use of Mobile Deposit. Please read the Mobile Deposit frequently asked questions by clicking on the link below.

The per check limit is $2,500.00 and the daily limit is $5,000.00. If the check amount exceeds a deposit limit, the mobile app will not accept the deposit. To confirm your deposit limit or to have your Mobile Deposit limit raised, please contact a Member Service Representative.


Simply locate the check on the mobile device screen, follow onscreen guides, and the picture is automatically taken when the perfect image is detected. A real-time image validation process verifies the size of the check and the brightness, angle and sharpness of the image to ensure a clean capture the first time, every time.

Enhanced Mobile Deposit Features:

  • Initial guide images – Offers visible context on lining up the document for optimal mobile capture
  • Auto-capture technology – Snaps the image automatically from video when the image is acceptable and in-focus
  • Automatic lighting – Camera flash automatically activates when a low light condition is detected
  • Automatic orientation – Adjusts automatically to landscape orientation selected by the user
  • Smart feedback – Provides instant tips via message bubbles
  • Built-in device detection – Optimal image capture regardless of mobile device type

Bill Payment

Q: How to avoid a trip to the post office?

A: Use Internet Bill Pay!


Never Use A Stamp Again: Internet Bill Pay is FREE!

No more stamps. No more envelopes. No more bills all over the kitchen table! Internet Bill Pay puts you in control of your finances. It's convenient and easy to setup.  

To sign up, please complete the Internet Bill Pay Enrollment Form, or you may call or visit the Credit Union office.

  • Free service if you process at least 2 payments monthly
  • User friendly system with plenty of online help
  • On-time payment guarantee*
  • Pay a bill
  • Transfer funds to your account at another institution
  • Pay a person
  • See if a payment was sent electronically or by check
  • Verify if a check has been paid and view a copy of the check
  • Funds electronically withdrawn from your LMFCU checking account
  • Initiate one-time or recurring payments.

From the Bill Payment dashboard you are able to:

PAY in just one click. Find the person or company and enter the payment amount and date. Then select "Pay".

VIEW all payees, upcoming bills and payment history.

ADD a new payee. Select the "Add a payee" button to add a person or company.

MAKE recurring payments. Simply select "Make it recurring" next to your payee.

SEE your full bill statement details, including transactions, payment history, credits and more. Select the "Set up eBill" link next to your payee.

Supported Browsers
We have been notified that Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer a supported browser for accessing our Internet Bill Payment system. Due to the fact that Internet Explorer no longer receives feature updates and does not support modern web application security, it will not support our bill payment applications. In light of this information, we encourage our members to switch to a supported browser when accessing Online Banking and Internet Bill Pay. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

If you have any questions about the use of Internet Bill Payment, please contact Internet Bill Payment support at (877) 797-3954.

Accessing bill payment through your smart phone.
To access the mobile friendly version of Bill Pay using your tablet or smart phone, go to lmfcu.org. Log into Online Banking (you may be asked a challenge question). Once Online Banking is loaded, tap on the "Show Menu" link.
Then tap on "Bill Payment".
Bill Pay will open in a new browser window.
As with desktop access, the Online Banking window will still be active.

Automated bill presentment (eBill) is a feature that retrieves your monthly billing statement from many different payees and imports the billing statement into Internet Bill Pay. Once this feature is setup for each payee, Bill Pay will then send you an alert when your billing statement has been uploaded. You would then access Bill Pay to review your billing statement and then schedule a payment.

How to use eBill

Access Bill Payment Demo to see how to pay a bill, pay a person, set up bill pay alerts and more.

Have questions about using Bill Pay?
Contact a bill payment representative at 877-797-3954.

* LM Federal will pay any late fees or interest charges incurred if a payment is not received on-time, assuming that the payment was initiated at least 6 business days prior to the due date. Other restrictions apply.


  • Forget about the inconvenience of lost or delayed statements due to mail problems.
  • Go green by avoiding the need for a paper statement.
  • Get your statement faster. eStatements are typically available by the 3rd business day of the month.
  • eStatements are free! Once you enroll, the last 12 months of statements are available through desktop Online Banking. The 12 month statement availability starts building from your day of enrollment.  eStatements are in PDF format.
  • Signing up is easy! Within desktop Online Banking, select the "Self Service" tab, click on "eStatements" and follow the prompts.

Questions? Contact a Member Service Representative at (800) 410-0501.