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Membership Rewards

Rewards Program

Membership Equals Benefits!

Your age and the average deposit balances that you maintain with the Credit Union will determine your Membership Rewards level. Contact the Credit Union or check your latest account statement to find out your rewards level. The greater the balances you maintain, the higher your Rewards level. Your Rewards level will be recalculated four times each year: on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st. No matter how much business you do at LM Federal Credit Union, you and your family will always enjoy a variety of affordable, convenient, and high quality services.

You Are A Member Of A Cooperative!

As you may know, LM Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial service cooperative. Your Credit Union is owned and controlled by you and your fellow members. As an owner, you enjoy unique Membership Benefits not available to the customers of other financial institutions.

Save Hundreds of Dollars and Enjoy Membership Rewards

  • Compare savings and loan rates, as well as terms and fees with other financial institutions. Transferring your business to LM Federal may put money in your pocket.
  • If you have a checking account elsewhere, compare the total package with LM Federal's checking programs. Be sure to examine their balance requirements, monthly service charges, penalties, ATM and POS transaction charges and interest rates.
  • Start an automated savings plan. You can have a specified amount deposited from your paycheck or the Credit Union can transfer funds on a regular basis from another LM Federal account. Build your nest egg and reach for additional Membership Rewards at the same time.

Household Exception

If at least one member of a household achieves Silver or Gold Rewards, their spouse and other household members between age 23 and 61 will receive Silver Rewards.  Household members must live at the same address. If the account of a minor has attained a Silver or Gold rewards level, and the joint owner on that account also has a separate membership and lives in the same household, the adult's account will also be eligible for the same rewards level as the child.  Please notify the Credit Union of any associated household family accounts so that they may benefit from the Membership Rewards earned from your account.

Upgrade Your Relationship

We welcome your new business anytime! If you open a new account after the quarterly automatic classification and it brings your balances up to a higher Membership Rewards level, an LM Federal employee can manually reclassify you to the higher level. You will then continue to receive your new level of Membership Rewards until the next automatic quarterly classification. Please ask for this special service.
Note: Deposits to a checking account do not qualify for reclassification due to the transactional nature of checking accounts.

Membership Rewards

At a minimum, all members receive Bronze Rewards. As you are able to build your relationship with the Credit Union, your Rewards level may increase and build all the way to Gold Rewards. If the primary member on the account is age 62 and older or age 22 and younger, the account will automatically receive Silver Rewards. However, if these older or younger members maintain the balances required for Gold Rewards, they will receive the Gold benefits.


Member age 20 or member age 65 = Silver Rewards
(Regardless of Account Balances)

Bronze Rewards Example
$25.00 Savings Balance
+ $200.00 Holiday Club Balance
$225.00 Bronze Rewards
Silver Rewards Example
$2,000.00 Savings Balance
+ $750.00 Checking Balance
$2,750.00 Silver Rewards
Gold Rewards Example
$1,000.00 Savings Balance
$5,000.00 IRA Balance
+ $25,000.00 Certificate Balance
$31,000.00 Gold Rewards


Rewards Levels
Membership Rewards Structure Bronze Rewards Silver Rewards Gold Rewards
Average Deposit Account Balance Range (all accounts) $25 - $2,499 $2,500 - $24,999 $25,000+
Fee if Balance Isn't Maintained N/A $10 $20
Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee Waived $5/monthly X X
Free Access to Online Banking X X X
Free eStatements X X X
Free Mobile Banking X X X
Free Internet Bill Payment Access (checking required) X X X
No Fee Share/Savings X X X
Free Check Card/ATM card (w/ checking) X X X
Free ATM Card (share account only) X X X
Free Foreign ATM Withdrawals 4/month ($1.50) 6/month ($1.50) 8/month ($1.50)
Free Point of Sale Transactions X X X
No Management Fee IRA Accounts X X X
Checking Accounts: Unlimited Check-Writing X X X
Free Check Copies  5/year 5/year 10/year
Outgoing Wire Processing Fee



Incoming Wire Processing Fee $8 $5 Free
Discount for using the Coin Machine
Fee will be waived if deposited to the account of a minor, see fee schedule for more details.
4% 4% FREE
Money Orders $1.25 $1.00 $.75
Free Notary Service $2 $2 Free
Stop Payments  $20 2/year free ($15) 5/year free ($5)
Cashier's Check Fee $5 $3 Free
Checks (125 duplicate) $20.55+tax $20.55+tax 1/year free
Free Third Party Written Deposit Verifications X X X
Share ATM Card: Free Foreign ATM Withdrawals 3/month 3/month 3/month
Foreign ATM Balance Inquiry Fee $1.50 $1.50 $1.50
Periodic Share Certificate Specials X X X
Periodic Loan Specials or Discounted Rates X X X
Counter Check Fee $1 $.50 5/year free ($.50)
Paper Statement Fee (unless <18 or >62 years old) $1 $1 X
ATM/Debit Card Replacement  $8 $8 1/ year free ($8)
VISA Gift Cards: Maximum card load $500.00 $3.99 $3.49 $3.49