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Have a High Rate Home Equity Loan Elsewhere?

Open a new Home Equity Line! Take advantage before rates go up!


  • Reduce My Home Equity Loan Rate or Payment
  • Perform Home Improvements or Upgrades
  • Consolidate Bills or Lower My Payments

Home Equity Lines:
Introductory rate of 2.49% APR*
No closing costs (restrictions apply**)
Low minimum monthly payments of only $6.06 per $1,000 borrowed. 

*Introductory rate in effect for the first 6-months. Thereafter the ongoing rate is subject to a lifetime floor rate of 3.50% APR. Initial draw of $20,000 or greater required for the introductory rate.
A line of credit is perfect for those who need continued access to funds for any purpose over an extended period of time. Ongoing rates are as low as Prime minus 1/2%.
**Closing cost repayment restrictions:                
Minimum line of $20,000 required, costs repaid by member if line is closed within 36-months of opening.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans:
Rates as low as
3.84% APR (5-Years)
4.34% APR (7-Years)
5.39% APR (10-years)
No closing costs**

There are no points or application fees.  Fixed Rate Home Equity loans are ideal for bill consolidations, refinances, and home improvements. The rate and payment never change.

To qualify for the 2.49% introductory rate your home equity line of credit application must be received by 6/30/2019 and your line must be settled by 7/15/2019.