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April Is Youth Month!

Teaching your kids about personal finances and money is essential for your kid’s financial future.


Special activities and promotions during the month of April!


We have educational and fun worksheets and information available to help teach younger children. Visit lmfcu.org or stop in the Credit Union to get an educational packet.

Special Activities - Week of April 15th

  • Fun activities for kids
  • Coin jar guess and prize wheel spin whenever you make a deposit*
  • Snacks and refreshments on the 18th and 19th

Month of April:

  • Deposit loose coin to your child’s account and the coin machine fee is waived
  • Coin Jar Guess: the closest guess without going over wins the coin jar value*
  • Open a Child’s Account and get the following*:
    - $10 matching cash deposit
    - Cool piggy bank!
    - Guess the coin jar amount
    - Chance to win a $100 bonus deposit

If you are unable to visit the Credit Union you may email your guess to info@lmfcu.org. Please include your name and guess.

* Monthly promotions expire on April 30th. Coin jar and $100 bonus deposit drawings to be held May 2nd. Deposits must be made to a child’s account, age 17 or less. Weekly $5 automatic deposit required (or equivalent), to get the piggy bank and $10 bonus deposit. Other restrictions apply.