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LM Federal Credit Union

70th Anniversary Celebration!

The Credit Union was originally established in 1949 as the “Martin Employees Federal Credit Union” by the employees of the Glen L. Martin Aircraft Company in Middle River, Maryland. Today we serve over 3,600 members and have total assets of $41 million.

1949 vs. 2019
Some things have changed since 1949; not just at the Credit Union, but throughout the country. 

  1949 2019
New House $7,450 $318,000
Gallon of Gas $0.17 $2.45
New Car $1,420 $36,843
Loaf of Bread $0.14 $2.19
Minimum Wage $0.70/hour $10.10/hour
Annual Wages $2,950 $46,464

Anniversary Special Offers!*

New Member $25 Cash Bonus
New Loan $70 Cash Bonus
Checking Account $70 Cash Bonus

Share Your Credit Union Experience!

Do you have a story about an employee who went above and beyond, or maybe the Credit Union helped you out in some way when no other financial institution would. 
Submit your story by mail, fax, by email at info@lmfcu.org or on our Facebook page at facebook.com/LMFederalCreditUnion.

Member Appreciation Days!
Visit the Credit Union office for light refreshments and special offers on Friday, July 19th and Thursday, August 8th.   Spin the Prize Wheel and win a free prize.  One of the prizes on the wheel is an entry into our GRAND PRIZE DRAWING.

Grand Prize Drawing

Enter for a chance to win a new 50” 4K UHD Smart TV with HDR* by one of the following:

  • Open a new membership, take a qualifying new checking account or loan.
  • Visit the office on a Member Appreciation Day.
  • Answer a Credit Union Difference question online at lmfcu.org.

All bonuses are revoked if the account or loan is closed within 90-days. Bonuses are paid once the account has been funded or disbursed.
Promotions offered from July 8th through August 30th. Grand prize entries are made for those taking a qualifying new loan or checking account, those who submit a CU difference response through lmfcu.org, and those who spin the prize wheel on a member appreciation day.