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Tips for improving gas mileage and saving money!

Improving Gas Mileage:

  • Avoid speeding or rapid acceleration and braking
  • Observe the speed limit
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Avoid hauling cargo on your roof
  • Lighten the load inside the car
  • Avoid leaving your car idling for too long
  • Keep up on routine maintenance
  • Consider using the cruise control feature
  • Plan your trips ahead of time

In the market for a vehicle?

Use Gas Apps:

  • Gas Buddy - Track gas prices in your area in a list or on an interactive map. The app also can help you save money while you fuel up.
  • Waze - It's a popular phone navigation app, but it also offers the quickest way to a gas station and also lists prices for gas stations on your route.
  • Gas Guru - Track gas prices and also find gas stations that offer car washes, auto repairs, ATMs and food, as well.