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LMFCU Credit Card Users:

LMFCU Credit Card Users: eZCard Website Security Upgrade

As you may have noticed, we are adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the eZCardinfo (credit card) website using One-time Passcode (OTP) technology. This will replace traditional security questions such as your mother's maiden name, favorite pet name, etc.

Be sure that the eZCardinfo website contains your current phone number in order to receive the One-time Passcode via SMS text or phone call.

Members who do not have any phone numbers listed in the eZCardinfo website will not be able to enroll or login. U.S. phone numbers are the only valid numbers that can be used. Any member who is living out of the country does need to have a U.S. phone number listed.

One-time Passcode functionality is another security layer to protect your credit card account. It is important that you have the most up to date contact information on file.

Please contact a Member Service Representative with any questions about this change.