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CardNav Mobile App Update!

On Sunday, July 10, 2022, at 3 a.m. EST, system maintenance was performed on the CardNav application. During the maintenance window, a new security certificate was installed.

Member Action is Required!

CardNav users should install the new version of the CardNav application when prompted. A manual app update is required if your phone doesn't automatically install updates. The old version of the CardNav application will not work after July 10 without the update!

What is CardNav?
Have a VISA Check Card? Use a smart phone? Protect against card fraud and misuse - in real-time - via your smart phone.
• Turn your card on and off
• Limit use to merchant types
• Set card spending limits
• Set GPS location restrictions
Receive real-time card-use notifications and spending-limit alerts

Traveling internationally?
Enter your travel locations to avoid card denials. If you are traveling within the United States, contact the office to place a travel notice.

Questions? Please contact a Member Service Representative.

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