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Card Fraud Alert Enhancements!!

Effective Monday, August 8th Visa check card and ATM card holders will receive text or email notifications if potential fraud is detected on your card.

Previously, notifications were made by an automated telephone call only.

If you have a valid cell phone number on file, you will receive a text notification, if not you will receive an email.

The notifications reference the following;

  • Your LMFCU card
  • List the last 4 digits of your card number
  • Information about amount and source of the suspicious transaction

You will be asked to confirm if the transaction was authorized by you by responding to the text message or email.

If you do not respond to the text or email, you will receive an automated telephone call.

If you don’t have a cell phone or email address on file, please contact the office to update your contact information.  Members without a cell phone or email address will still be contacted by the automated telephone system.

Contact a Member Service Representative at 410-687-5240.

Additional card fraud monitoring system information