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President's Message - Updated October 31, 2023

Contactless Visa Check Cards Now Available!

After many months of member requests we finally activated our contactless Visa debit card program in September.

Contact the Credit Union if you would like to get a Contactless Visa Check/Debit card! There is no charge to upgrade your Visa check card to a contactless card.

Contactless payments are transactions made by tapping either a contactless card or payment-enabled mobile or wearable device over a contactless-enabled payment terminal. Cards, phones, watches, and other devices use the same contactless technology. When you tap to pay checkout is secure and convenient. 

Note: a contactless card is not needed if you use a phone, watch or other device.

When prompted, bring your card or mobile/wearable device within a few inches of the Contactless Symbol on the checkout terminal. Depending on the terminal, you may tap on, above, or below the screen.

Mark Bold

LMFCU President





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