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7 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s easy to fall victim to stress and anxiety, which can negatively affect your mental health. However, there are some steps you can take to control how you respond to these stressors.

1. Write Out a Plan of Action & Start Tackling it One Step at a Time
Whether you’re worried about your job, family, or finances, tackling these issues can feel overwhelming. It often helps to organize your thoughts by writing them down. Then create a plan of action that will serve to keep your efforts focused and provide steps on addressing those challenges.

2. Volunteer
One of the best ways to improve your state of mind is by helping others. Many non-profit organizations are actively looking for volunteers. Check out your local food banks, schools, or homeless shelters. Or if you’re an animal lover, reach out to your local ASPCA or Humane Society. Many of these organizations have a variety of ways you can volunteer while practicing safe social distancing.

3. Be Proactive
Approach your worries head-on. Nothing constructive comes out of sitting stagnant and fretting. If you are worried about your finances, be sure to contact your financial institutions before things get out of hand. Most financial institutions have options available to assist during these difficult times. You simply need to take the first step and contact them.

4. Reach Out to Family & Friends
Schedule calls or video chats with your family and friends. If you haven't spoken with someone for a while, reach out to them through text. Many times, just letting another person know about your worries can help. Many individuals are dealing with the same challenges as you; therefore, by talking with each other, you might be able to come up with solutions to your problems together.

5. Exercise Daily
Exercising helps increase your "feel good" endorphins. Each day exercise for about 30 minutes to an hour. Go out and get some fresh air by walking around your neighborhood. Many times, it helps just to get out of the house.

6. Stay Present
Our minds often fast-forward to the future or mull over the past, in many cases, in a negative manner. Times of stress often exacerbates this tendency. Intentionally focusing on the present moment can be a great antidote. This is where you notice what's happening in your body, mind, and your external environment.

7. Distract Yourself
Sitting idle for too long can cause your mind to wander and feed into the stress. Instead, try distracting yourself with some positive activities.
These activities could include:

  • Dancing or listening to your favorite music
  • Listening to a motivational podcast
  • Reading a book
  • Performing some stress management activities like yoga
  • Keeping a journal
  • Planting and maintaining a garden

We're Here to Help!
Maintaining your overall health is essential in times like these. We understand you may be dealing with many stressors that could be affecting your everyday norm. If you are in need of financial counseling or are looking for ways to improve your financial health, contact Money Management International (MMI) at 866-889-9347.

Each individual’s financial situation is unique and readers are encouraged to contact the Credit Union when seeking financial advice on the products and services discussed. This article is for educational purposes only; the authors assume no legal responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the contents.