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Account Monitoring

Account Alerts

Setup account alerts

Within Online Banking you can setup text and email alerts. Many options for account alerts are available within Online Banking (access thru the desktop Online Banking "Self Service" tab).

Available Account Alert Options:

  • Low balance alert
  • High balance alert
  • Direct deposit over $XX.XX has posted
  • Deposit over $XX.XX has posted
  • Card transaction greater than $XX.XX has posted
  • Check/draft greater than $XX.XX has cleared
  • Withdrawal exceeds $XX.XX
  • Insufficient funds caused overdraft protection transfer

CardNav Card and Fraud Control Smart Phone App

Protect your cards with real-time control. Learn More link.

Have a VISA Check Card? Use a smart phone?

Protect against card fraud and misuse - in real-time - via your smart phone.

  • Turn your card on and off
  • Limit use to merchant types
  • Set card spending limits
  • Set GPS location restrictions
  • Receive real-time card-use notifications and spending-limit alerts

CardNav Controls Chart

How to download and install CardNav

  • CardNav is available for both iPhones and Android mobile devices.
  • iPhone users can find the CardNav app in the iTunes store, and Android users can find it in the Google Play Store.
  • After the installation of CardNav follow the prompts to finish the app installation.
  • Requirements: The application works with Android devices, version 4.4 and higher and Apple (iOS) devices with iOS operating system version 8, 9, and 10.

Detailed User Guide

VISA Purchase Alerts

Have a VISA Check Card? Don't have a smart phone?

Have a VISA check card? With VISA Purchase Alerts you can get an immediate email notification when a VISA purchase transaction is performed with your card. Purchase alerts help you to closely monitor your card activity and to act quickly if a fraudulent transaction occurs. Alert options include:

  • Transaction exceeds a specified amount
  • Card used outside of the United States
  • Online or telephone purchase is made

VISA Purchase Alerts logo

The VISA Purchase Alerts system is real-time and is more useful compared to the card transaction alerts generated within Online Banking.

Enroll in VISA Purchase Alerts

Attention Smart Phone Users: Our new CardNav smart phone app is now available!