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Staff and Officials

Officials Listing

Board of Directors

  • Robert Caswell, Chairman
  • Timothy Preston, Vice Chairman
  • Richard Coleman, Secretary
  • Vivian Bold, Treasurer
  • Kimberly Hughes
  • Richard Mattox
  • Mark Bold

Credit Committee

  • Robert Caswell, Chairman
  • Craig Nowak
  • William Cosden, Alternate

Supervisory Committee

  • Kimberly Hughes (Chairperson)
  • Louise Joyce
  • Michael Wade
  • Chavonne Epps

Contact the Supervisory Committee:
Supervisory Committee
LM Federal Credit Union
PO Box 15311
Baltimore, MD 21220

Investment Committee

  • Richard Coleman
  • Robert Caswell
  • Mark Bold

LMFCU 2018 Staff Photo

Staff Listing

  Extension Email Address
Mark Bold
510 mbold@lmfcu.org
Michelle Dorer
Member Service Supervisor
514 mdorer@lmfcu.org
Angela Laisure
New Accounts Specialist
518 alaisure@lmfcu.org
Ryan Davis
Senior Loan Specialist
515 rdavis@lmfcu.org
Cathy Heaps
Operations Specialist
Bart Burton
Member Service Coordinator
0 bburton@lmfcu.org
Lisa Nassirpour
Marketing Specialist
525 lnassirpour@lmfcu.org
Cheryl Metzdorf
Member Service Rep.
Karen Valencik
Member Service Rep.
Mary Wujek
Member Service Rep.
Dawn Vendouern
Member Service Rep.
Ally Cromwell-Brown
Member Service Rep.

LMFCU 2018 Staff