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Be Aware of Current Scams

1) Depositing Checks from Unknown Sources: Fraudsters may ask you to deposit a check into your personal account and promise you can keep a portion of the money. These checks are often counterfeit and may be returned or generated from criminal activity. - you could lose money or even become unknowingly involved in a crime.

2) Donation Requests: During times of significant news events, fraudsters increase their efforts to take advantage of your interest to support specific causes. Funds or personal information provided to unverified charities could ultimately reach those with bad intentions and could put your account information at risk. FTC.Gov provides guidance to help donate wisely and ensure your contributions reach their intended targets.

3) Requests for Account Info: Fraudsters may pose as debt collectors or a government employee and ask for information which allows them to access your account — they may email, text, or call you.

4) Paying with Gift Cards: Scammers pretend to be someone they’re not to convince you to pay with a gift card. Legitimate companies or government agencies would NEVER make this request.