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WAWA Card Data Breach

As you may have heard, WAWA convenience stores announced in December that a data breach occurred at their 850 nationwide locations. The breach began in March of 2019 and was mitigated by December 12th, 2019. The breach exposed credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and cardholder names.  Personal information such as PIN numbers, CVV2 numbers (on the back of the card), social security numbers, addresses and dates of birth were NOT exposed.

If your LMFCU Visa check card was used at a WAWA store during the period above, we will contact you to arrange the free replacement of your card. This is done by LMFCU as a precautionary measure to avoid the inconvenience of having your card frozen if fraudulent transactions are posted in the future.  As of January 28th, it was reported in the news that more than 30 million compromised payment cards are being listed for sale on dark web websites. 

Cards issued by other financial institutions may not automatically offer to replace your card if it was affected by this data breach. Remember that cardholders have $0 liability for unauthorized Visa check card transactions.

The process of contacting members to arrange the replacement of their cards is expected to be completed by late February. If you have not yet been contacted, you have the option to contact us now or wait to be contacted by the Credit Union.