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Conversion status as of 1:30 pm EST Thursday, May 27th

Note: You must re-enroll for new Online and Mobile Banking by selecting the "Enroll Now" link. Your old user ID and password have not been set up in the new system.

  • Access to the new Online Banking system is now available.  See the instructions to log into desktop Online Banking or Mobile Banking.  The login link is on the upper right of all pages of lmfcu.org.
  • Access to the Apple Mobile App is now available in the App Store. Please refer to the instructions to download the Apple mobile app and enroll in Mobile Banking.
  • Access to the Android Mobile App is now available in the Google Play Store. Search for the app using "LM Federal Credit Union" or "LM FCU".  Once the search results are displayed, click on the "NEW" button at the top of the display and the LM Federal Credit Union mobile app should be at the top of the list. Please refer to the instructions for further help in  downloading the app and getting enrolled in Mobile Banking.   


  • The ability to create a home equity line of credit advance within Online or Mobile Banking is now available. You may transfer the advance proceeds to one of your Credit Union accounts or have the funds mailed by check to your home.
  • A limited number of ACH debits (withdrawals) were being posted to savings when they should be posted to checking. This occurred between May 3rd and May 6th. If needed contact a Member Service Representative to transfer funds as needed. Any overdraft protection fees incurred by this error are being refunded. 
  • Internet bill payment is now available through desktop Online Banking and the Mobile Banking apps. Click on the bill pay link to access internet bill payment.
  • Mobile check deposit is available with the new mobile apps. The process is simple. Mobile check deposits are reviewed between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm weekdays and are posted within a few hours of being reviewed. For example, a Mobile Deposit made at 9:00 pm on Sunday will be reviewed and posted to your account Monday morning.
  • To access your LMFCU Visa Platinum credit card, you must enroll in the EZ Card site by following this link: https://www.ezcardinfo.com/#/  The single sign-on link to EZ Card within Online and Mobile Banking will be restored next month. If needed, contact card holder customer service at 800-322-8472.

- ENROLLMENT IN THE NEW ONLINE & MOBILE BANKING SYSTEMS: You must re-enroll for access in the new Online & Mobile Banking systems. YOUR OLD LOGON ID AND SECURITY CODES HAVE NOT BEEN SETUP IN THE NEW SYSTEM.  Click on the new Online Banking enrollment link at the top right of the lmfcu.org home page to access Online Banking. See below for instructions that will guide you through the enrollment process for Mobile Banking.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You must have your current email address on file with the Credit Union for the Online & Mobile Banking auto-enrollment to work properly. Call the office if you need to update your email address.

Further Information:

  • Direct deposit credits are now posted at 12:05 am EST Monday thru Friday excluding federal holidays. Previously, direct deposit was posted by 8:00 pm the prior day. As always, the Credit Union continuously posts ACH credits and debits throughout the day.
  • The majority of ACH/direct deposit for May 3rd through the 5th was posted to your accounts on Friday, April 30th. See your April 2021 statement.
  • Online & Mobile Banking users:  check with the Credit Union if you need to setup cross-account transfers.
  • New Online Banking will not have eStatements available for April 2021 or prior. Contact the office if you need a statement copy for March 2021 or earlier.
  • Paper statements for April activity were mailed on May 19th and 20th for all members. Please contact the office if you need an April statement before paper statements are received. eStatements will not be available for April.
  • Direct deposit and payroll deduction allocations will no longer show the total deposit first being deposited to savings or checking and transfers being made to other accounts. The deposits and loan payments will be individually posted to each allocation account.
  • A limited number of ACH debits (withdrawals) were posted to savings when they should be posted to checking between May 3rd and May 6th. Also, a limited number of automated transfers and payroll deduction allocations to loans and other deposit accounts were not completed in early/mid May. Please carefully review your May account statement. If needed contact a Member Service Representative to transfer funds as needed.
  • Dividends on primary and secondary shares, clubs and IRA shares for the month of April were paid on April 30th. Dividends for May and June will be paid on June 30th.
  • Service fees for foreign ATM withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers above the number provided at no charge are now immediately charged when the ATM transaction is posted. Fees are no longer posted on the last day of the month.
  • Previous transfers and loan payments scheduled in our previous Online Banking will not carry over to the new system. You may schedule your transfers on the new Online Banking or call the office to schedule transfers

The new system has many benefits, including:

  • Increased Reliability: Our prior system experienced two significant online and mobile banking outages that lasted for several days. Our new system will be MUCH more reliable.
  • Mobile Banking users may now access Internet Bill Pay through the new mobile banking app. You can setup new payees, make bill payments and other transfers and view pending payments through the mobile Internet Bill Pay app.
  • Mobile Banking now supports account messaging to and from the Credit Union
  • You may enroll for Mobile Banking without the need to first enroll in desktop Online Banking.
  • Online and Mobile Banking now supports direct payments to your LMFCU Visa credit card. Payments made are credited to your credit card account the following day.
  • Existing account suffixes such as “A” for your primary share account or “3” or “4” for checking are no longer used.  Plain English account descriptions will be listed.  Online and Mobile Banking users may also assign custom names to any account.
  • Pending ACH direct deposits that will post in the next day or two are now listed within online and mobile banking under “Pending Transactions”.
  • Increased automation will allow the Credit Union to further improve member service.

New Online and Mobile Banking Enrollment Instructions

We apologize for the inconvenience this conversion may cause. We expect that the new system will be easier to use and also be more reliable than our existing system.

Please contact a Member Service Representative for additional details.