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Mobile Deposit Upgrade!

Enhanced Mobile Deposit eliminates the frustration in getting a clear picture.

Simply locate the check on the mobile device screen, follow onscreen guides, and the picture is automatically taken when the perfect image is detected. A real-time image validation process verifies the size of the check and the brightness, angle and sharpness of the image to ensure a clean capture the first time, every time.

Enhanced Mobile Deposit Features:

  • Initial guide images – Offers visible context on lining up the document for optimal mobile capture
  • Auto-capture technology – Snaps the image automatically from video when the image is acceptable and in-focus
  • Automatic lighting – Camera flash automatically activates when a low light condition is detected
  • Automatic orientation – Adjusts automatically to landscape orientation selected by the user
  • Smart feedback – Provides instant tips via message bubbles
  • Built-in device detection – Optimal image capture regardless of mobile device type