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Maryland Comptroller’s Office Processing StateRelief Payments

At a press conference held on February 16th, Comptroller Franchot said electronic direct deposit payments will be posted by the end of this week and checks will be mailed.

The Comptroller’s Office says nearly all of those getting a direct payment do not need to fill out forms nor take any other action. The Comptroller’s Office will automatically send the payments.

Residents can check their eligibility by visiting: https://marylandtaxes.gov/reliefact/

The office has also released Frequently Asked Questions. Additional questions can be sent to RELIEFAct@marylandtaxes.gov or by calling 833.345.0787.

According to the Comptroller's Office, economic impact payments will not be offset by other state debts that would normally cause a tax offset to residents' Maryland tax refund, with the exception of a child support judgment through a recipients' financial institution.